Current Projects

"The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men." ~Bill Beattie

Market Day

The P&C along with the community garden,  has a market day morning on Thursday mornings in the undercover area (near canteen).  Activities include school banking, produce and plants from the community garden for sale, a book exchange and second hand uniforms.  Coffee and hot chocolate also available from the canteen!


The P&C is supporting the school in becoming a school partner with Act-Belong-Commit Mentally Healthy Way. This program supports not just the students at the school but also the school, staff, families and the wider Quinns Rocks Community.


Playgroup will not be operating until further notice.

Past Year Achievements

The P&C and the school community has supported the school in a variety of ways including road safety, playground equipment, camp funds, classroom furniture, reading resources, drama production equipment. In 2016 The P&C supported the school in providing Mathletics, resources for the community garden, co-ordinating the playgroup and school banking (along with other things).  In 2015 it provided funds for the upgrade and refurbishing of the underover area including a new stage and equipment, Mathletics sofware, library resources and sports equipment. In 2014 the P&C purchased ipads for the school and in 2012/2013 undertook the large project of the undercover sport area, enabling activities to take place in the winter weather conditions and provide extra sun safety and playtime benefits.


How can you help? You can support your P&C by contributing to our fundraising efforts - cake stalls, chocolates, entertainment books, sausage sizzles, disco's, school banking,and our QBPS fete. Donations are also welcome for our projects. You may have a business or connection to someone who may like to contribute here. These larger scale and beneficial projects cannot be successful without the QBPS P&C and parent's, student and community support.

 Thinking of joining the P&C? New members for the maintenance of a strong, committed and well represented P&C are always welcome. Help us build the school you want for our children today and in the future.