School Banking

"The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men." ~Bill Beattie

QBPS utilise the Commonwealth Bank School Banking Program to give children a basic understaning of core financial values and money management skills that they can continue in the future. The emphasis is on regular savings, not the value of the deposit and nuturing good saving habits.Students have incentives along the way such as the Dollarmite token from each deposit. Collect 10 and they can swap them for cool Dollarmite rewards. Students can also receive certificates on deposit efforts and be involved with competitions.

SCHOOL BANKING DAY: Thursday in the assembly area, Student Deposits 7.55 - 8.35am, queries till 8.50am. CONTACT: School Banking coordinator - Sharon Bowler

APPLICATIONS: Youthsaver Accounts can now be obtained directly on the spot from any CBA Branch (Closest to QBPS - Ocean Keys, Clarkson) with required ID for Parent (Drivers Licence) and child (Birth Cert). You will receive a Youthsaver wallet ready for banking on the next School Banking Day. 

It is great to see all the students who have become regular savers...keep up the good savings goals and habbits!

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Pru S Banking

CBA School Banking Mascot, PRU, attended QBPS Fete Day, 2012!

2013 StartSmart Incursion  - Financial Literacy program facilitated by the Commonwealth Bank.. UPDATE - Each class from PP to year 7 has had a visit from Coach Cash or Captain Super Cents learning in a fun and interactive way suited to their age group about money and finance - banks, bank cards, savings, needs and wants. We have had great feedback from the teachers and students. Thank you to Denise Connolly (QBPS Mathematics Specialist Teacher)  for master coordinating of all classes to attend and support and to Melissa Allen from StartSmart who gave wonderful presentations to all the age groups.

2013 - CRED (CBA mascot) attendS a school banking morning

2013 - CBA Representative will attend Orientation days for Kindy and PP

2012 - WASO EVENT : A big thank you to the Commonwealth Bank for our excursion to the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra's - Awesome Echo Gigs. It was exactly that - AWESOME! The students' enthusiam and participation made it a very successful event. WASO really know how to put on a show and engage the kids into the creative world of music and intruments. Thanks for a wonderful experience for all those who attended - Teachers, students and myself as School Banking coordinator. Invaluabl