Community Garden

"The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think - rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men." ~Bill Beattie


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Community Garden Design 


Active community engagement in the garden that encourages active citizenship from students and the broader community

Volunteers Welcome! Please contact reception or approach any of the below committee contacts:  Kelly Johnson, Johan Hennop, Nicki Oakes, Adam O'Connell, Martene Mechler, Anthony Paini, Jeanette Bell, Beth Stein



Shadehouse fitted out and operational, Market morning Thursdays in assembly area - eggs & plants for sale, Rainbow Serpent pathway to be extended, addition of new garden beds for community use, seasonal vegetables planted, orchard maintained, clean up excess rubbish, search for new storage, search for ARTWORK Grants for our garden - Aboriginal theme & ANZAC reflection area.

Thank you  to Bunnings for resources, plants, horticulture & recycling advice, Masters for donated seedlings, Quick Grow Lanscape Centre - Wanneroo Road, Neerabup (off Hester) for local support. Please visit and support the local bussinesses that support us!



(1) Junior Landcare Zone - Establishment of a western entrance zone (15x5m) to the community garden: Hardy water wise, bird-attracting natives, mulch and pathway.

(2) Greenhouse erection - Classes to grow seedlings for the raised beds.

(3) Establishment of orchards - various fruit trees and olive grove.

(4) Musical Garden - created by students participating in the Life Skills program.

(5) Grants and Sponsorships - Waterwise, Waste Wise, Junior Landcare.


  • Chicken Coop - Mr Hennop's Year 4 class. Up to 12 eggs being laid each day and sold at the Thursday markets
  • Early Childhood Garden
  • Compost zone
  • Worm Farm - Managed by Jeanette Bell's Year 3 class
  • Thursday Markets - School-grown produce (varies) for sale in assembly area: Pot plants, vegetables (seasonal), herbs, worm fertiliser and eggs

EVENTS: Friday 5th September, "SPRING into SPRING". Festive dress day (e.g. fairies, flowers, Hawaii, elves, gnomes, bee, ladybug, or bright colourful spring inspired attire) to celebrate the Community Garden with fun and educational activities for our students. Gold coin donations go towards our garden projects...Thank you


  • Update a flexible stage plan guide for the community garden constructions and grant allocations
  • Waterwise School Status and utilisation of resources for the school community
  • K to Year 6 plan - educational development and utilisation of community garden through all school years
  • Increase teacher/ class participation in operations and maintenance - hands on learning, contribution and ownership
  • Open an outdoor community garden classroom